Is the school day long enough?

Brooke Hudson and Emma Galesic

The debate whether school should be lengthened or shortened has been going on for many years. This thought has crossed many people’s minds and schools don’t know whether it’s the right decision or not. 

According to Colorado Law, it is the school district’s choice when to end or start the school day. The National Center of Education Statistics say that the average middle school in America goes to school for around 6 hours and 45 minutes a day. Here at Sierra, we go to school for 7 hours and 15 minutes each day. Is that 30 minutes a big deal? Or is the national average too long? That’s a decision that schools will have to take into consideration.  

YES. the school day is already plenty long enough, but evidence has shown that it can be more efficient if the school day is longer. But, could there also be downsides? Yes, some of the biggest drawbacks of a long school day is less sleep, exercise, and after school activities.

Kids already have to wake up early each morning. After interviewing a couple of students at Sierra, it was concluded that most of the kids woke up at 5:45 or close to that time. Many kids at Sierra participate in after school activities. Our school gets out at a good time in the afternoon so, most kids have time to their homework, sleep, and after school activities. 

Some positives of shortening the school day would be the school budget. Shortening the school day by even just thirty minutes could save the school money with electricity bills and etc. Many resources say that longer school days would cause higher test scores with more time to learn. The extra time in school could cause the kids to be anxious and focus less in class, which could even lead to lower test scores. So, it’s hard to tell if lengthening the school day would be beneficial or not. That is the school’s decision.   

-Brooke Hudson

NO. Many students may think that the school day is long enough already and that it would be cruel to add just an extra thirty minutes of class, but data provides evidence that that extra thirty minutes can have a huge impact on the students performance. Many students fall behind in class if they are slow workers and have to swamp themselves with homework to get caught back up. Having a longer day of school will offer students with extra time to work on homework or school projects so they can enjoy more of their time outside of school. Their memory will also improve and they will pick up lessons quicker due to a smaller time gap in between their school hours.

Having a longer school day would keep the students’ school schedule similar to their parents’ work schedule. That way, arrangements to be picked up from school will be more effective. More sports would be included with the school such as the normal sports like basketball, football, etc, but would also include things like dance, gymnastics, lacrosse, baseball, and much more; that way, less students will have to leave school for a sport. And it will be a more affordable way for students to participate in extracurricular activities. The school day will provide more time to work on school work, and also sports and clubs would be included as well.

Some schools have taken action in this issue for the students’ education by adding only thirty minutes or adding even two hours! These schools have seen improvement in the students’ performance in class and it has a great impact on the students well being. Having two more hours of school does seem a bit excessive though. 

-Emma Galesic