Sierra Middle School Bullying Issue

Madison Nesti, Staff

Sierra Middle School watches videos during advisory for students to learn about bullying and how to help prevent it. But what is the point of showing those videos and giving us lessons about it if bullying continues to get worse as the years go on? Sierra has a problem with bullying. 

According to, bullying is a form of social power. Kids in middle schools try to protect their image and increase their social status by taking advantage of peers that are more socially vulnerable. There are kids every day that do not want to come to school because there is a chance they will be bullied. Typically, bullies tend to abuse drugs, get into fights, commit crimes, and even abuse the people around them. These actions can follow them into adulthood as well.   

Suicide is often linked to bullying in schools, according to Especially when it is against people that are different than them like American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian American and LGBTQ+. Not being supported by your peers, family, and friends can give someone the feeling of loneliness which can lead to suicidal thoughts.

According to, 40% of middle schoolers and 27% of high schoolers reported to be bullied in 2018. Bullying has increased from 2016, when 160,000 students from 27 states took the survey of if they have been bullied or not. The ratio of students being bullied used to be one in four students, but it has doubled in the last few years. 

Although we cannot account for the bullying outside of schools, students and teachers can do their part in schools to lower the amount of bullying. For example, instead of being a bystander and watching what is happening around you, you could step up and stop the situation or find an adult to help. Teachers, on the other hand, could be more observant of what happens around them and be more educated on the signs of when someone is being bullied. They could try talking to the students if they are acting differently than they usually do as well. 

Bullying can be prevented or less common in Sierra if students can improve on their leadership skills and stand up for the people around them. Taking the videos that are shown in advisory into consideration is also a way to improve your leadership skills.