Would Going On More Field Trips Benefit Sierra Middle School Students?

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

Many students have experienced the joy of going on field trips. Going on field trips should be a regular activity in schools because field trips lead to better grades, keep students engaged in learning, and field trips introduce students to real world learning. 

Field trips can help increase students grades by a significant amount. According to a study carried out by the U.S. Travel Association, 400 adults were surveyed in an experiment to see how much field trips affected the adults. Half of the adults had gone on field trips, while the other half had not. Of the adults that had gone on field trips, 59% of them had better grades than the adults that didn’t go on field trips. Also, 95% of the adults that went on field trips graduated high school. Field trips have shown to have positive impacts on students grades. 

Field trips also keep students engaged in their learning. According to the article, “How Field Trips Boost Students’ Lifelong Success,” 89% of the adults that went on field trips said that the field trips had lasting impacts on their education and their careers, so field trips may also impact Sierra’s students. They said that these trips kept them engaged and interested in topics outside of school and inside of school. If field trips helped these adults become more successful than they may also help Sierra Middle School students be successful too. 

Lastly, field trips allow students to have real world learning experiences. Field trips can introduce students to possible career choices. Field trips also help students expand their knowledge of the world. For example, if you go to a field trip to the zoo you can observe zoo keepers in a work setting and decide if being a zoo keeper is a career that you are interested in. Going to a zoo, for example, could also teach children animal anatomy, what an animals job is in an ecosystem, and even how animals interact with other animals in an engaging way. 

Field trips are incredibly beneficial for students. If students at Sierra Middle School went on more field trips they will improve their grades, stay engaged in their learning, and experience real world learning.