Why Parents Shouldn’t Argue in Front of their Kids

Emma Galesic, Editor

Many families think that arguing in front of their children is acceptable, or they think nothing of the sort; as a result, it can cause their kids to have many issues. Even when they do not realize it, and are only focused on their argument, it can break a child’s heart to hear their parents not getting along.

According to kidspot.com, parents arguing in front of their children can cause many problems for them mentally and anxiety. By arguing and causing conflict with each other, negative energy is being spread around the household and causes everyone exposed to the yelling and disagreement to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It is not good to expose children to yelling and not properly solving conflicts. Especially if it is regular for the child to hear such arguments, many children who are exposed develop anxiety and are more likely to be mentally sensitive to conflicts.

Children look up to their parents the most out of the rest of their peers, and they have a bigger influence on them. By causing conflict with the other parent, they are setting the example that it is okay to argue and yell at the people who make them mad. Because of this kids are purposely causing conflict with their classmates and their friends. Most kids who are mean to other kids and get in the most trouble have trouble at home between their family and parents arguing all the time. 

Along with a child’s behavior and their mental health, arguing parents back at home can also have an effect on a child’s social life. When parents argue at home it can make their child very sad and not want to be around anyone. Even at school or with their friends they will stay quiet and exclude themselves from group activities. A lot of them will end up losing friends along the way.

Without a doubt, I highly believe that parents should never, or at least avoid arguing in front of their kids because it doesn’t only affect them. It would be beneficial to child behavior and depression. If a child can be protected from these things, it is worth not arguing in front of them.