Homework is Bad for Kids

Victoria Dojaquez, Staff

It’s hard for kids to keep up with 7 different classes and their work, but going home and doing more homework doesn’t help. Homework is used as a tool to keep kids up with their lessons but often times is overused and stresses students out. Students should get less or no homework.

Most kids get homework, and as kids get older, the amount they get increases. It’s hard for kids to keep up with the homework they get because they get many assignments. Not being able to keep up with work and being behind puts kids under a lot of stress. According to Stanford University, homework can put kids under stress, lack of sleep, and migraines. 

Kids aren’t normally taught time management. Not knowing how to handle the amount of work they get and how much time they have to complete it is hard on kids. According to healthline.com, 70% of students said they were often stressed about school and 56% said homework was their number one stressor.

 Homework can also distance kids from their families. Trying to keep up with homework can cause an unreal delusion about school, according to news.psu.edu. Homework can become less useful with age. As kids get older they become better at self-monitoring and getting work done. 

Homework is a good tool to practice what they are working on in class. It gives them a chance to review and be prepared. Although they do get to study and prepare for a test or other assignments it’s often over used by teachers and starts to become more stressful than helpful.