The Importance of Having a Daily Routine for Online School



An example of a daily online school routine.

Emma Galesic, Editor

There has recently been a major outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and has caused many schools around the world to make the decision to close their doors for the time being. And schools like Sierra have reverted to the option of doing remote learning at home. With the new adjustment to online school, it is extremely important to have a set routine of your day, just as you would every other productive school day.

Having a set routine for your online schooling will help you be more productive throughout the day and prevent any kind of distractions while doing your schoolwork. According to the website Learning Through Experiences, it states that by having a set homeschooling routine it can help teach self-discipline to children by enforcing when to start an assignment to when you should be finished for the day. It is best to follow your normal school schedule for the order of your classes and designated lunchtime or break.

Just like a normal school day when you go to public school, most people have some sort of daily ritual that helps you get ready for school and a certain time that you do all of your classes; the same goes for an online school. It is best to wake up at the same time every day, shower, and get ready normally before doing work. It is scientifically proven that getting ready in the morning it makes people more productive because they feel ready for the day. Starting school and ending school at the same time every day is also a good habit to get into.

In a daily school routine, it is also important to have a set workspace in your home where it is quiet, free of distractions, and productive. Whether it is a desk, table, or outside it should never be on a couch, in a bed, or anywhere else that is very comfy. If the place you are working in makes you feel lazy, tired, makes you want to fall asleep, or not do work then it is not a place you should be doing your schoolwork in. A TV, game station, etc. Should also be avoided. A desk or table would be best because it is the most productive workspace and can help you have good posture as you work to be more awake, alert, and is a healthy way to sit.

Overall, it is important to have a balance in your life, and without having a daily online school routine your life will be very chaotic and hard to manage. That is why having a set routine and designated workspace will help a lot. Online school requires a lot of responsibility and this is just the first step in being successful.