Why You Should Use Remote Learning as a Advantage


Brooke Hudson, Editor

Right now we are living in an unusual time. All of us are doing remote learning. Lots of kids miss seeing their friends and are getting bored at home. But some advice to take is to take advantage and embrace this new way of work ethic. 

Positives about remote learning are all around. Yesterday it took me three hours to complete schoolwork. During this time my room has remained clean and I feel very on top of things at home. Having this time has benefited me greatly. Many kids do extracurricular activities and, unfortunately, most have been canceled. This has given me time to work more on my activities to get ready for my next sports tournament and other important things. In fact, I have put more time aside lately into my sport. If you play a sport and have different ways to practice or devote time to it at home, you should take advantage of that. 

In remote learning, kids can do school work at their own pace. You can pick what time you start school or what time you end, which is fun! Also, take advantage of the opportunity to understand your schoolwork better. Working at your own pace can help you better understand topics. Some classes are just doing review work so also use this to refresh yourself on the topic or go more in-depth. This could help you with your schoolwork when 7th graders are in 8th grade or when 8th graders are in 9th grade this fall. 

“Remote learning is an efficient use of student’s time and is less chaotic” Dr. Christpher Murcock from the University of Iowa. 

Many people say that remote learning could be too big of a distraction at home. That could be true but here is what I think. If you set up a plan for yourself you are less likely to get distracted. What I did is I set up a schedule for all of my classes. I gave myself 45 minutes for each subject and five-minute breaks between each. To also help you not get as distracted you can have your sibling, parent, or another person at home monitor you to make sure you stay on track. Overall, in a regular classroom, there are always distractions so it is no different to when you are at home. 

Overall remote learning is new to most of us. We need to make sure we treat it just as equally as we do in a regular classroom. Use this time as an advantage to when you are in college and no one is looking after making sure you do your work. So use this time as a great learning opportunity!