Why We Should Go and Stay in 100% in Person School

Nicholas Mennenoh, Staff

The school model during covid right now is hybrid, I think it should be 100 percent in school and here is why. Most students in school do better in school. The community college review says, “ Even though online school has many benefits, it is not right for every student.”

The bad thing that comes with hybrid or online school is a whole entire new structure. Instead of students getting the same work and everyone in the class doing the same thing everyone is now not doing the same thing and the teachers have to assign double the work and have to teach two classes. When you are at home there are so many distractions like siblings, the tv, and video games. Although video games and tv are distractions the student is choosing to do with siblings you can’t do much to stop them.

Another thing is to make sure we make everyone safe. We can take temperature scans before you leave for school and when you get to school. And when we need to quarantine people we can just quarantine the people who have been around those people too. With hybrid these same problems come up so if we decide not to go with 100 percent in school why are we doing hybrid?

Now a big thing in school is friends and when you are online you can’t really see friends. I know that friends are not what school is made for but it is a big part believe it or not. Online you can’t really talk face to face only through a device or on the days you go to school if you are talking about hybrid.

“Some benefits for going 100 percent in person are wellbeing of students like social and psychological well-being and helping the community like parents being able to work without needing to take care of their children.” The World Health Organization wrote in one of their articles

If we do reopen here are some things we should track for the safety of the school. “Effectiveness of symptom reporting, rapid testing, and tracking down people who may have the virus.” The World Health Organization wrote.

Lindsey Goodman said “I think students’ motivation has decreased since remote learning which leads to worse test scores.”

And with 100 percent in school the attendance might be better. The attendance isn’t that bad right now as it was but Lindsay Goodman said “ I would say that the attendance has stayed the same overall.”