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Students at Sierra – Zane Smith

Taelor Avalos, Editor

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Name: Zane Smith

Grade: 8th grade

Team: Falcon

Age: 13

Birthday: June 23, 2003


What is your favorite thing to do?

“ My favorite thing to do is to do baseball. It’s what I’ve been doing since I was in kindergarten. My dad inspired me to do baseball because he’s been doing it all his life as well and I look up to him. It’s my favorite sport because parsley I grew up with it and everyone on my dad’s side played it and just because it’s a fun game to play and I look forward to practice every week.”

What is your family like?

“My family is pretty crazy. We got 7 people in total. I have 4 sisters and myself and my mom and dad and it gets pretty crazy at times.”

What do u like to do on your free time?

“I probably just like to hangout with friends and that’s what I do when I don’t have baseball going. I like hanging with friends because most of my friends are funny and I could get a good laugh or of them. My best friend is probably my dog but, if it were an actually person it would have to be Jason Ball. He’s a really cute kid and I look forward hanging out with him everyday.”

How’s school?

“Schools going good. Very similar to last year but, there’s just a bunch of homework now. It’s different from last year, one because of homework, like last year was bad enough and this year it just got worse and there’s just so many things that have changed this year whether it being enrichment or being or the bell schedule and I kinda like it. I like this year better than last year. I think this year was more fun than last year.”

Tell me about yourself. What do you like?

“I am pretty awesome. Some people call me funny but, I think I’m really funny and I’m just a nice guy to be around. I have been really well educated. I think Mr. Peacock has most of the reason to deal with that because in physical education, see education is in its name itself and I really learned a lot about physical education. I learned a lot of social skills because I didn’t know how to talk at the beginning of the year and he kinda taught me some English.”

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Students at Sierra – Zane Smith