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Q & A:Taelor Avalos

Tyler Airozo, Staff

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Name: Taelor Jean Louise Avalos

Nicknames: Tae, or Tae Tae.

Birthday: April 24, 2003

Grade/Team: 8th/Falcon

Tell me about your family:

“I have 2 mothers, 2 dads, 5 brothers, 3 sisters, 3 dogs, and 3 cats.”

What was the best thing you did over summer break?

“My favorite thing was that I got to hangout with friends, and I got to meet a lot of new people. They were really great friends and we all did a lot of stuff and they included me into their group. It was just a lot of fun.”

Do you have any goals in life? 

“My goals in life are to get really good grades in high school and hopefully go onto law school and soon become a lawyer… Other goals are to get good grades and have fun at the same time, but not end up like one of those people who are like really caught up in school or are far behind.”

Why do you want to be a lawyer? 

“I want to be a lawyer because I really like arguing, and when I was in Mrs. Ahrens 7th grade language arts class we did the mock trial I was a defense attorney and I really liked it.”

If you became a lawyer what kind of cases would you work on? 

“I would want to work on divorce cases or like dealing with kids and parents. I also want to get into crime cases but at the same time I kind of don’t because if i’m on the defense side I feel like the murderer is going to come back to kill me. “

What’s your favorite memory and why?

 “My favorite memory is when me and my family went camping up in the mountains and we brought our dogs and our camper. We also had a campfire and there was no arguing and it was just a lot of fun. There was also a river and we almost fell in it, so that was fun.”

Any important events or things happen in your life recently?

“Volleyball, I only played it last year for sierra and I didn’t have a lot of experience  then, but now I feel i’ve gotten a lot better. I also took a break from gymnastics because the plates in both of my feet got shattered. I quit gymnastics because I was a tumbler and would jump on my feet a lot causing the plates in my feet to shatter. I also just got very worn out, but hopefully I will return back soon.”

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Q & A:Taelor Avalos