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Belle Conner’s People profile

Maddie Cowles, staff

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Name: Belle Conner

Team: Wolf Creek

What’s your favorite sport?

“My favorite sport is volleyball.”


Do you play on at team?

“ Yes I play on a competitive team.”


What’s your gym/ team name?

“‘My gym’s name is elevation and my team name is mace.”


How long have you been playing volleyball for elevation?

“This is my 2nd year.”


How long have you been playing volleyball outside of elevation?

“2 other seasons.”


Do you enjoy playing volleyball and why?

”I love playing volleyball because it’s an active sport that I love playing”


Are you going to continue playing your whole life?

“Yes because I enjoy it really much.”


Who inspired you to play volleyball?

“I just really liked the sport so I wanted to play it.”


Do you spend time outside of school practicing volleyball?”

Yes I practice usually on my free time endless I have homework.”


What’s your number on your jersey?

“My number is 6”


Is there any other sport you play?

“Actually yes… I play softball”


Do you like it?

“Um ya…I enjoy it. Not as much as I like volleyball”


Did you play volleyball for Sierra?

“No. I didn’t but I wish I had. Im playing in 8th grade for sure.”


Do you think you’re good?

“There’s always room for improvement.”


Do you wish you could turn back time and play for Sierra?

“Of course. I so wish I played for Sierra.”


Why didn’t you play for Sierra?

“I thought I had way too much homework and I had activities outside of school.”

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Belle Conner’s People profile