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People Profile ~ Taylor Roberts

Jade Miracle, Staff

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Full Name: Taylor Roberts

Nicknames: “Tay”

Team: Snowmass

Grade: 7th


 What do you normally do outside of school?:

“Volleyball, play on phone, and other stuff.”

 What is your favorite band? Why?

“Bastille, because their songs have a lot of meaning.”

What is your favorite song, why?

“The Anchor by Bastille because it has a good rhythm and has really meaningful lyrics.”

What are your best talents? What makes them your best talents?  

“I’m good at drawing. I’ve drawn ever since I was around 5 and I usually draw right before bed to help me sleep.”

Favorite Book? Why?

“My favorite book is Divergent because I feel like it has a good message that it puts out, to be brave no matter what the cost.”

What do you like about Middle School? Do you think we can change anything about Sierra?

” I like that fact that the teachers, at least on my team, are so helpful and caring. They really want you to do well in life. I can’t think of anything I’d like to change, other than making the food better. Sometime’s, it’s cold in the middle and unappealing to eat.”

If you could change your team, what team would you choose to be on? 

“Telluride, because my best friend is on that team, and I only see her around once a week at the most.”

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People Profile ~ Taylor Roberts