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People of Sierra: Andrew Janeczek

Dallas Novak, Staff

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Name: Andrew Janeczek

Birthday: August 7, 2004

Team: Hawk 8th Grade

What sports do you play?
I play baseball and football.

What team are you on in football, how long have you played it?

I am on the Sierra middle school team and I have only been playing for 7 – 8 seasons in total.

What positions do you play in football?

I have played CornerBack and wide receiver throughout my football years.

How old were you when you started football and why did you start doing football?

I was 6 years old when I got into football. I started it because I liked to watch football and when my family signed me up I was not that hyped up in tell I started doing well. Then I started doing it more often.

Have you met anyone inspiring in your life and did they inspire you?

I met Von Miller and he was inspiring because he is such a high rank in football. I was inspired by Von Miller to play football.

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People of Sierra: Andrew Janeczek