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People of Sierra: Justine Teters

Bobby West, Staff

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Name-Justine Teters

Nickname-Teenie and Justine Weenie

Birthday-August 25,2004

Grade/Team-8th grade Hawk

Family-Has one brother and lives with both parents.Has three cats and one dog.

What is something you do that you enjoy?I enjoy playing Overwatch and Titanfall 2, with my friends, on Xbox.I also listen to Electro Pop music in my free time.I also travel to the Caribbean a decent amount with my family, I also go on cruises.

What is your favorite book series and why?I enjoy the storyline and theme of Harry Potter.My favorite book is the Sorcerer’s stone.                                                                                                    

What would you consider being in the future?I would want to be a Veterinarian because I love animals and I would want to help them.I want specialise in house animals like cats and dogs.

Did you participate in any school sports last year or consider doing anything this year.Last year I was in track and enjoyed it because I enjoy the fast paced experience and it doesn’t require a lot of endurance.”

Would you change anything about last year?I would change the amount of homework the teachers gave out last year.I would also of changed my team from last year so I could be with my friends.

Do you have a goal for this year? I want to get better at math because I will probably tutor kids who struggle with math or other subjects.

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People of Sierra: Justine Teters