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People of Sierra: Noah Nix

Luke Blevin, Staff

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Today I asked Wolf Creek 7th grader Noah Nix some questions.

What is your favorite class at sierra? I really like language arts because I think Ms. Lueck is nice. She makes the class a lot easier for me with the way she teaches.

Where did you go to school before Sierra? Did you like it? I went to Pine Lane. It was an experience I did not enjoy at all. The teachers were mean to me, and I was very happy to leave. I hope that Sierra is a better experience.

What is your favorite thing to do after school? I like to go to the skate park and scooter. I go all the time to practice scootering and to hang out with friends. My favorite place to scooter is Evolve skate park. I can do a front flip on my scooter into the foam pit there.

Why do you like to scooter? I enjoy learning new tricks and get a good exercise. I also find it really fun. I hope one day when I get older and better, I can get sponsored. I think with the direction i am headed it is a good possibility I can get sponsored, I just have to keep practicing.

Can you tell me something about your family? I have two brothers, the younger one named Brayden (age 8) who plays hockey. He is so good at the sport that he plays with 12 year olds. My other brother is named Destin (age 17) and he plays baseball. Sometimes he teaches me how to play, but I would rather scooter.


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People of Sierra: Noah Nix