People of Sierra: Olivia Romero

Justine Teters, Staff

Full name- Olivia Hope Romero

Birthday- March 31, 2004

Grade/Team- 8th, Hawk

What is your hobby?- I like to do gymnastics. Sometimes it’s difficult but I like the challenge, and it’s pretty fun. Sometimes I also get to go to different states for it.

How long have you been doing gymnastics?- I’ve been doing gymnastics for about 5 years now. It may seem like a long time but some other girls at my gym have been doing it for as long as they could walk.

How often do you do gymnastics?- I do gymnastics about 4-5 days per week and we still practice but it is offseason right now.

Are you on a team?- Yes. I go to 20 Mile Athletic Center and it is currently offseason right now. I’ve been on a team for 4 ½ years.

Is there placements based on skill?- Yes actually, there are levels based on how advanced you are: There is bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, and I’m currently in level 6/7 (platinum).

Do you ever travel for gymnastics?- I’ve had lots of chances to go to places for gymnastics and pretty soon I’m going to Texas for it.