People of Sierra: Claire Roen

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People of Sierra: Claire Roen

Justine Teters, Staff

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Full name- Claire Noelle Roen

Birthday- December 17, 2003

What is your hobby?- In my free time, I like to write songs and sing.

How long have you been writing songs and singing?- I’ve been singing for awhile; ever since kindergarten. But I’ve only been writing songs for a few months.

What type of music do you write and sing?- I really like slow music. Some people think it sounds sad but I genuinely really like it. It calms me down and makes me happy.

Why do you enjoy singing and songwriting?- It is really good way to put my feelings and thoughts onto paper and into words. It is really emotional and fun.

Are you working on any songs right now?- I’m always working on my songs cause I always have something on my mind but I just finished a song the other day and I was really happy and felt really accomplished.

Do you want to continue singing through high school?- Yes I hope to continue singing throughout high school and maybe make it into a profession.

So when you get older, do you want singing to be a job or more of a hobby?- Hopefully both. It would be great to get a job out of it but even if I don’t, I would still keep singing and songwriting.