People of Sierra: Joel Plaice

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People of Sierra: Joel Plaice

Bobby West, Staff

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Full Name: Joel Taylor Plaice


Birthday: 5/20/04

Grade/Team:8th grade Phoenix

Family:Mom, step dad, two sisters, and uncle.

What do you do after school, what are your hobbies? I like playing video games, skateboarding, reading, basketball, and anything physical.

Do you play any sports? No, but I really just enjoy being outside with my friends.

So do you like being outside? Joel said that he likes the outdoors because of the fresh air and being physical and being with my friends.

What do you like doing with your friends? Playing video games and going outside.

What games do you like playing? Warframe, Binding of Isaac, Escape of Tarkov, Gmod, or really anything that I can play with my friends.

What do you play on, like a console or a PC?  I like to play on my X-Box and on my PC.

What do you like about the school? like the drama program because I am able to be open and have fun.

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