People Profile: Jane Knapp Haas

Becca Lewis, Staff

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Name: Jane Knapp Haas

Nicknames: Blue

Family: Mom, Dad, Little brother named Lance.

Who are your friends and family that you rely on? 

I don’t really rely on anyone except my friends.  Maybe my parents for some occasions.

What are your hobbies and sports outside of school?

My hobbies outside of school are mostly just SFX and (Special Effects) and art.

What are some things you love to do?

My favorite things to do are, hanging out with friends, make art, and do SFX.

Can you tell me more about Special Effects?  Like how you got interested in it?

So, I got started with special effects about a year and a half ago when i had leftover scar time. (the putty-like stuff you use to make the wound with) I didn’t know what it was, so I looked it up and all that came up was SFX, so i decided to try it out. I used a broken makeup Song Stick thing to smooth it out and cut the wound. Then, I used some old red lipstick for blood. I had a lot of fun doing it over, and over again, that I eventually bought actual tools that were used for SFX in movies, and still use it to this day.

Do you have any plans to use SFX as a career, or just a hobby?

In the future i do plan on trying to do SFX for movies, starting small and working my way up, but if that doesn’t work out i do have a backup plan.

What type of special effects do you do?

The type of SFX I do is blood and gore, such as gunshots, slices, all different types. I have been trying out different makeup ideas for costumes, and a future part-time job may be doing different costumes for people who can’t.

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