People of Sierra: Jake Kerr

Maddie Snoddy, Editor

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Maddie Snoddy
This Jake Kerr getting ready to hit the ball for a home run.

Name:Jake Kerr

Birthday:January 21,2005



What are you hobbies outside of school?

“Baseball, because it is fun, challenging, and really competitive.”

Why did you start playing baseball?

“I started playing, because it looked fun and my friends were playing it as well.?

Is there any important moments in your life?

“Going to Disney world, because my Grandma went and I have not seen her in awhile.”

What is your favorite thing to do at school? Why?

“Probably hanging with friends because, they make me laugh and I have a good time with them.”

How long have you been playing baseball?

“I have been watching baseball my whole life but, I didn’t really play baseball till I was about 4.”

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