People Profile: Trista Lamberty

Becca Lewis, Staff

Trista Lamberty with student council at the Parker Petting Zoo.

Name:Trista Lamberty

Nicknames: Tris, Tristopher

Family: Mom, Dad, and little sister

Pets: 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 bearded dragons, and 1 ferret

Birthday: December 28th, 2004

Team/Grade: 8th, Falcon

What are some important moments in your life?

An important moment in my life is when my sister was born, and any other moment spent with family.

Who are your friends?

My friends are Nicolena Taylor and Evalen Welberg.  They’re both my age (13) but, only Evalen goes to Sierra.

What are some things you love?

I love sports, and of course I love my family,

Who are some important people in your life?

My friends who I hang out with a lot, and my family.  I have a mentor, too. Her name is Grace Urbansk and she goes to Chaparral High School.  She’s a senior this year and she plays volleyball.

What sports or hobbies are you interested in?

My hobbies are sewing and helping my dad at work.  Or any other crafts. My sports are Volleyball and Basketball.

How do you help your dad at work?

He does construction, so I help him with basically whatever he needs me to do.  Like, drywall, laying down tile, and framing. With a little bit of his help I could probably build an entire house.