People Of Sierra: Abigail Quereau

Brooke Hudson, Staff

Name: Abigail Quereau  

Birthday: April 14th 2005

Family: Mom, Dad, and my two brothers Logan and Carson.

Grade: 7th

Team: Wolf Creek


Do you have any hobbies or play any sports?

Yes, I ride horses. I currently have three.


What are your horses names?

I have one named Rocket and, two others named Sarge and Aubrey.  


How long have you been riding horses for?

So, I have been riding horses for three years and I have owned my three horses for two year now.


What is your favorite part about riding horses?

My favorite part is building a relationship and bonding with your horse, because they are just different compared to dogs or cats.  


What do you do with your horses?

So, I do two things. I do drill team and I’m part of The Westernaires.


What do you during drill team and The Westernaires?

So, what I do is I use flags for drill team and we also do a pattern, so it’s very fun do to and I love it. We have to study the pattern we do too.


What’s your favorite part about drill team?

My favorite part is probably getting to be with all the people and building connections with them.