People of Sierra- Angelina Moschetti


Madison Nesti, Staff

Name- Angelina Moschetti

Team- Torreys Peak

Grade- 8th

Birthday- December 7th, 2005


Do you do any after school sports or activities?

I do sources of strength and gymnastics.

How long have you been doing gymnastics for?

I have been doing gymnastics for 7 years. I started when I was around 3-5 years old.

What motivated you to start gymnastics?

My mom took me to these mother and child classes where we would play around on the equipment. After that my mom decided to put me in gymnastics classes and I’ve always liked running around and doing flips so I continued it.

What are your favorite parts about gymnastics and what is your favorite event?

Bars and floor are my favorite categories. I also enjoy getting to do a lot of different things and having something to keep me occupied.

Are you better at some events than others?

I definitely think I’m better at floor than the other events. I tend to get higher scores when I compete for floor. 

Would you want to do any other sports?

Not really. I like doing gymnastics and none of the other sports really stand out to me. 

Are you planning on turning gymnastics into a career and going to the olympics some day?

No, I don’t think I am going to go to the Olympics one day. It is really hard to get to that point. 

When are you planning on stopping gymnastics?

I’m probably going to stop doing gymnastics in a year or two but it depends. When I keep going up levels each year, the skills get harder and I don’t want to break all my bones.

If you stop doing gymnastics, what are you going to do during your free time?

I would probably just catch up on homework or participate in some more after school activities. I might also just hangout with my friends or hangout with my siblings.