People of Sierra- Alexis Mapp


Alexis doing a back handspring on beam.

Madison Nesti, staff

Alexis Marie Mapp

Birthday- December 15, 2005

8th grade, Castle Peak

Siblings- 2

Do you play any sports?

Yes, I play basketball for the warriors and do gymnastics for momentum.

Do practices ever fall on the same days that you have to choose between?

All of the practices are on separate days but it keeps me busy.

How long have you been doing basketball and gymnastics for?

I have been doing gymnastics for a year and a half and basketball for three years.

Do you enjoy basketball or gymnastics more and why?

I enjoy gymnastics more because it is really fun and it is something that I can look forward to doing and when your in the air flipping you almost feel released from everything thats going on for a second.

For gymnastics do you practice with a team or with small groups of people?

I practice with a team of girls that i’m really close with.

Do you plan on doing gymnastics for the long run or just for a couple years?

I am thinking of only doing it for just a couple years because it’s enjoyable but I wouldn’t want to go to college for it. When I am older I wanna be able to try new things.

Why did you decide to start doing gymnastics?

Watching dance moms when I was 10 inspired me to start doing gymnastics.

Do you have a favorite gymnast and why?

Definitely Gabby Douglas because she was the first African American gymnast to make it to the Olympics at a young age and she is really inspirational in a lot of ways.