Student Profiles – Abigail LaBay

Aubryn Peterson , Staff

Name: Abigail LaBay

Team: Rio Grande

Birthday: 8/27/2007


Interviewer: What classes are you using to entertain yourself?

Abigail: I have been working on art a lot, there are so many different types of art which can really amuse a person for a few hours.


Interviewer: What have you decided to do during your time in Quarantine?

Abigail: I love to paint, art has been a stress reliever over this time. Paint has given me time to relax with my family and pick up new interests. I’ve been able to contemplate everything with all this free time after finishing schoolwork. 


Interviewer: So have you been able to finish all your schoolwork?

Abigail: Yes, I have been successful in completing all my work. 


Interviewer: What do you think about not returning to school for this final quarter?

Abigail: It’s a bummer to not be able to see my friends at school, but I have been having fun at my house. I miss being able to talk to my friends and teachers face to face. 


Interviewer: How has COVID-19 affected your family? What was the impact? 

Abigail: We are definitely getting on each other’s nerves sometimes but we are good.


Interviewer: What do you think are the advantages of a break in school?

Abigail: You can  get a lot more sleep  and you get to manage your work how you think it will work for you. My mind is more awake than it is at seven o’clock in the morning but I am able to knock out all classes in a few hours so I can start a different activity. 


Interviewer: How has your virtual communication with teachers been?

Abigail: I’ve been emailing them when I have a question or a concern. I haven’t had to do that a lot but there are always occasions.