People of Sierra: Allie Hughes


Elie Yates, Staff

Name: Allison Hughes

Nickname: Allie

Birthday: February 9th

Grade: 7th

Why did you choose to start being the assistant director of Sierra theater?

I wanted to be a part of the play, but I don’t like being on stage in front of everyone, so I decided to choose one of the leadership roles backstage. I like being a leader and being in charge, so I figured assistant director would be a good fit for me. 

Do you have any previous experience with theater?

I have no experience being part of a play or musical, but I did participate in orchestra. I also take choir with Ms. Ballinger currently. 

What plays have you done?

I participated in both plays this year and I was assistant director in both. Freaky Friday was the  spring musical and The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet was the fall play. Sadly, Freaky Friday had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus. 

What is part of your job as assistant director?

I take notes on blocks and I watch the actors perform and practice. But, the majority of my job is helping where it’s needed, I kind of float around. I also keep the calm and quiet backstage. 

Why do you like being assistant director?

I like being assistant director because it is a great chance to get involved in theater and the community. I also get to be in charge and take a leadership role. 

Would you recommend theater to others?

Yes, it is so fun! It’s a big community and everyone is there for each other. Theater is a great chance to connect with others too and make some great friends. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the joy of being onstage, or backstage.  

How has coronavirus affected your job?

I already mentioned that the spring musical, Freaky Friday was cancelled, but we are putting on an online musical. Everyone gets to do a song and the tech crew is putting it all together. I don’t have as much of a role as I normally do which is kind of disappointing. But, I am really excited to see them pull it off!