Personality Profile: Rainier Lapidus


Rainier Lapidus

Madelyn Crosby, Editor

Name: Rainier Lapidus

Grade: 8th Grade

Team: Torreys Peak

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy playing basketball and doing art.

Why do you enjoy playing basketball?

It’s relaxing and I always feel happy when I am on the court. 

How did you start playing basketball?

My dad encouraged me to start playing basketball. I’ve been playing for 8 years and I played for Sierra in 7th grade.  

How has your season gone so far? Is there anything that you are especially proud of?

My season has been going great. I’m proud that my team and I have improved in every aspect of the game and we’ve all become really good friends

How do you hope to improve this season?

I hope to improve on specific skills I haven’t yet accomplished. I enjoy playing defense and shooting, so I hope I can improve my skills in both those areas. 

How do you hope to continue your basketball career?

I want to continue my basketball career by continuing to play for leagues in my community and then someday play for high school and college. I currently play for a Gold Crown team called J19 Hoops. I also plan on playing for Sierra again as an 8th grader. 

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your season?

At the beginning of Covid-19, I couldn’t play for any leagues. We are allowed to start playing again, but we can’t do a ton of scrimmaging, so I don’t get the face-to-face interaction that I would normally get. Our practice times are also pretty limited and we have to wear masks when we practice.

Rainier Lapidus
Rainier is the person on the right in the white jersey.