People Profile: Ayla Huss


Elie Yates, Editor

Name: Ayla Huss

Team: Castle Peak

Tell me about something you enjoy doing

I love playing softball, I play for the Parker Hawks. 

How long have you been playing softball?

I have been playing softball for 4 years and I just finished off my season this week. I started playing because my parents wanted me to start playing a sport and they saw how good I was at it. So they signed me up and I have been playing ever since. 

What is your favorite part about playing softball?

My favorite part about softball is definitely my team. I get to make new friends every time I get a new team and we all become really close with each other. 

How has Covid affected your ability to play softball?

Covid has had a major impact on us, we had to cancel our last season which really sucked. But, because things are getting better we were allowed to play this season and we finished off really strong!

How has softball impacted you?

I play softball for fun and it is something that I really enjoy doing. I don’t play competitively, which I like because I can just enjoy the sport for what it is. It’s quickly become one of my favorite things to do. 

What do you want your future to be like with softball?

Well, I don’t play competitively, so I just want to play with the Chaparral team throughout all of high school!