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Brazilian Chocolate Truffles

Tiago O'Brien, Staff

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Cocoa powder

Can of condensed milk

Tablespoon of butter



1.Get a sauce pan and put the stove to medium heat

2.Get one tablespoon of butter

3.Put the tablespoon of butter to melt in the pan and put one can of condensed milk in the pan along with it

4.Stir constantly

5.Add 2 tablespoons of sifted cocoa powder

6.Stir for 1o minutes or so, constantly.

7.Once you can see the bottom of the pan and the chocolate doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan too much, transfer the chocolate into a container to cool off. The chocolate can either cool in the fridge with a cover over the container or just let it cool on the table naturally.

8.After about 3 hours, sprinkle the sprinkles on top, grab a spoon and dig in.


Preston Holt said, “It tasted like ice cream”.

Jed Palmer said “The contrast of sprinkles with the creamy chocolate makes the texture perfect”.

Sophia Holmstedt said “I thought the chocolate was really rich and the sprinkles added a nice crunch”.

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Brazilian Chocolate Truffles