How To Make Tomato Soup


Khloe Danielson

This is the tomato soup and what it looks like

Khloe Danielson, Staff

Tomato soup is a delicious lunch or dinner or snack. It is very healthy for you and it’s sweet and salty. It’s good to have crackers with tomato soup to add some salty taste.


  • Campbell’s tomato soup
  • Milk and cheese
  • Pot or pan
  • Crackers
  • One spoon to stir in the pot another to eat the tomato soup
  • Bowl


  1. First grab your tomato soup can.
  2. Then grab a pan or pot and dump the tomato soup in the pot or pan.
  3. Then add milk ¾ of milk to the tomato soup.
  4. Then add a handful of cheese and put it on medium.
  5. Then wait for it to get hot then pour in bowl and have a delicious dinner or lunch or snack.

Tomato soup is a delicious dinner or lunch. It is a simple recipe to cook and a very cheesy and very appetizing to eat. Crackers are the best part because they make the salty taste.