Simple BBQ Chicken Nachos

Catalina Clay, Staff

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BBQ chicken nachos are a great and easy snack or meal to eat! They are delicious to eat at time of the day and are something that can be enjoyed by anyone!


  • BBQ chicken (cold or warm)
  • Chips
  • Shredded cheese
  • Any other toppings (salsa, guacamole, etc.)

Other Materials:

  • Plate
  • Fork


  1. To start out, put the amount of chips you would like on a plate.
  2. Next, you can start sprinkling the amount of shredded cheese you would like onto your plate with the chips.
  3. Using a fork, take out the amount of BBQ chicken you would like to have on your nachos.
  4. Now, you can microwave it. 30 seconds is a good amount, but you can add more time if the cheese hasn’t melted yet.
  5. Now, you can add any other toppings if you would like. (I added salsa.)
  6. Lastly, you can enjoy!

    This is all of the ingredients you need for these nachos.

    You need to lay the chips out on the plate similar to this.

    In this step, you can sprinkle on your shredded cheese.

    Using a fork, you can put on the amount of BBQ chicken on top of your chips and cheese.

    After you microwave your nachos, you can add any other toppings you would like!

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