How Students can Make a Difference


Emma Galesic, Staff

There are quite a few issues in our world today, and many middle schoolers aren’t trying to prevent these problems from growing, but are doing the exact opposite. But how can our school change that? How can WE change that? There are many ways students can help make a difference in the world. Some are recycling, starting fundraisers, and also probably the most effective, spreading the word.

A huge problem in this worlds society is pollution. There are thousands of pieces of trash cluttered up in our earth’s oceans and clogging habitats that are meant for the animals who live around us. So, why aren’t kids trying to help this problem? If more students recycle this could start a great ripple effect for others to start helping the environment.

If you are wondering what you can recycle than you are reading the right story. If you have plastic bottles, cans, or jars all you need to do is a super quick rinse under a water faucet then put them in recycle. And if you think that you can’t recycle greasy old pizza boxes, you are wrong. All that is needed to be done is cut off the pieces that are greasy and throw the rest in the recycling. Remember, anything paper, plastic, or cardboard can be recycled. And how most people have trash cans in their bedrooms, you can also have a can for recycling.

For other things, you could start many different fundraisers. There are many different causes that could use some of your help. Listing a few are Childrens Hospital, homeless shelters, The Dumb Friends League, and many, many more. Start a fundraiser for Sierra, or for your neighborhood, or even for Colorado.

Once you start a fundraiser, and it is getting successful, gradually expand the fundraiser to get even more help for the cause that you are passionate about. You could even start with something very small like a lemonade stand with friends that donates money that you make to a cause of your choice. Or sell something or something that you made a donate some of that money. Many people will want to help you out on whatever you are supporting if it is helping a cause, or people or animals in general.

Another thing that could work the best for supporting a cause or helping people is just telling people about the cause or problem. Spreading the word about something and making what you say intriguing can make many people want to help. If you make people feel like you need their help it will make what you say more effective. Many people are not aware of different causes and problems, so talking to people and informing them about what you want to help and are supporting can make big changes in the world if you are committed.

I hope many of you will try to help different problems or causes in the world and use some of the different ways to get started that I listed above. The world will slowly change and get better just from starting with you. There are many different things you can do to take action and make the world a better place.