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Wrestling-Sports Brief

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On Tuesday 29, 2016, our 7th and 8th grade wrestling had gone against Cresthill (CMS) held @SMS. We had a winning head-to-head 34-14 and an over-all win with 58-26.

In this match the team had made a great come-back and had great teammates to support them and cheering them on.

“Some things that went well in this match was I had my friends backing me up during the match, cheering me on and I was able to work on the moves that we practiced. I feel accomplished about is the kid that I wrestled was a good opponent to wrestling. He was able to keep up with some of my moves that I was doing unlike the other kids. All the other matches I kinda just messed around with the kids. They really weren’t that good and not to be mean or anything and not that tough of an opponent and this kid was a worthy opponent. He was good at wrestling. I need to work on when I take them down, not letting them back up and messing around with them. My brother did wrestling in 7th grade and then I started doing Chap wrestling and that was pretty fun so I kept going with this. As a team I feel like we do pretty well, but some of the kids including me, need to work on doing more of the moves that we practiced and practice pretty much. Moves that helped me during the match is a duck under and that’s it. I feel like as a coach, the coach that helps me the best is my team mates during practice. They help me get better in my my wrestling moves and they encourage me” said John Mcbride.

“Yeah it was different because a lot of our boys were trying new moves,so we took a lot of chances and most of them paid off so that’s good to see. Lots of things that they’ve been practicing. I started coaching wrestling because I wrestled when I was this age and kind of fell in love with it there and it’s just a different environment because the man is so much more of people mentally and physically and it’s just fun to challenge people that way. The team did pretty well we were a little bit scrappy. We don’t have a lot of experience, but the boys get out there and try things and get after it. As we gone the season I have seen a lot of kids where they miss a move, get in trouble, but don’t stop and they fight their way out of it and they come out victorious and we had a few of those tonight who just fought their way through and and came there way on top. Some of the techniques we need to keep our heads up, control the man when we’re on top, buts it’s a learning process especially if you never done this before. I enjoy seeing people be able to do things they never thought they can do. We need to work on finishing moves, takedowns, breakdowns, pins, it doesn’t matter, we just need to finish. Next week it’s going to be pretty exciting, we have two matches and the tournament and I like the path that we’re going on ” said and it’s going to be exciting” said Mike Lechuga.

On Monday, December 5, 2016 we are going against Rocky Heights.

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Wrestling-Sports Brief