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Boys Basketball on January 31st

Andrew Janeczek and Noah Exum, Staff

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On Tuesday January 31st, Cresthill came here to play A and B team and C team went to Cresthill.

A team won 42 to 33 . We had a couple of three attempts. At the end of the of the second quarter we tried to shoot almost a half court buzzer beater but missed. We had 7 steals. Josh Kovak got three assists.

The final score for the B team game was 24-20, with Sierra winning. It was a close game, and Sierra came out with the win.

For B Team, Number 21 Jack Stafford, made a half court shot at the end of halftime for three points. Adley Main, number 34, shot a three pointer, the ball bounced off the glass, and then finally went in.

There is four c-teams Sheffield blue and white along with Palmer blue and white.

Palmer white won 30-18 and Palmer blue lost 19-23.

I asked Mr. Palmer on how he thought his teams played, “I think that both of our teams played good, but Blue Team needs to work on defense, while Team White was dominant.”

I asked Noah Hughes, (Palmer white) what was your favorite part of the game? “When i was part of a fastbreak my teammate did a spin move and scored a lay up.”

Sheffield White 23-21 and Sheffield Blue won 24-9.

Our next game is at Mountain Ridge at 3:45 on February 8th. You are allowed to go to other schools for free but, be courteous of your surroundings. You also can’t get a bus ride to the game, you need a ride there and back.

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Boys Basketball on January 31st