Flag Football

Brandon Freeburg, staff

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Flag football has been played since they 1800’s and is still being played today. Flag football is just like tackle but without the contact and pads. It was a spin off of rugby the sport was very popular in the 1940’s in military bases.

Sierra has plenty of teams but there are a A team B team and C team. Players in Sierra are put in these teams depending on their skills.Like if you are a beginner you would probably make C team or maybe B. If your familiar to the game you might make B or A team. So it all depends on the skill level.

A flag football team consist of 6 players five of them can be on the field at a time. The field length is 80 yards from goal to goal. You get 4 downs and if you get a certain amount of yards to get a first down. A first down is where you start back at the beginning of your downs.

You must have two flags to be on the field you know you’re down when your opponent pulls one of your flags off. There are different ways to play but these are some basic rules to the game.

There is also a AFFL which stands for the American Flag Football League. Flag football star former professional tackle player Michael Vick threw 8 touchdowns in a game once that is a record in the AFFL.

The AFFL has different rules they have a 12 man roster with 7 on the field at a time. 60 minutes games are played with 4 quarters in total.Fields are divided into 25 yard boxes when you reach a first down you will be in a box.

There is no blocking and instead of punting and kicking there are throw offs. You get 6 points if you score a touchdown under 50 yards if over 50 yards you get 7 points.Most penalties are not cost of downs either a free play or loss of a down.

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