8th Grade Girls Basketball Preview

Brandon Freeburg, Staff

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Sierra Middle Schools 8th grade girls basketball season is starting soon. Their first game will be Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.  A and B team are playing at Sagewood Middle school. The very next game will be away at Cresthill Middle school. Then we have a home game against Mountain Ridge. Then we have another home game against Mesa. Finally we face Cimarron. Then we end at home with Sierra facing Rocky Heights. If we get enough wins we will make it to the tournament but that is too close to call.

Coach Jed Palmer said, “I’m very excited for this season. We want to have fun and learn new skills so I don’t care about winning or losing too much.”

The coaches of the basketball teams are Brent Sheffield and Jed Palmer. The season starts Wednesday, November 8th v.s Sagewood. The following games are Thursday November 9 v.s Cresthill, Tuesday November 14, 2017 v.s Mountain Ridge, Tuesday November 28 v.s Mesa, Thursday November 30 v.s Cimarron, Wednesday December 6 v.s Rocky Heights and, Saturday December 9, 2017 “A” Tournament.