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The Sport of Ice Hockey

Bobby West, Staff

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Ice hockey is a very physical and fast paced sport.You can play this sport as recreational or you can play competitively and you can play for money in higher leagues, like the NHL, or you can play for trophies or medals.  

In ice hockey you have a team of six players, 1 center, 2 wingmen, 2 defenceman, and a goalie. The rink is a large oval and at each end is a net. The players try to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into a net and they have to shoot the puck passed the goalie. Also, the equipment players wear include knee pads, elbow pads, chest pads, helmet with face mask- or a visor made of plastic over the eyes, neck protector, ice skates, gloves, socks- you put your socks over your knee pads, and ice hockey shorts that are padded to protect you when you fall. Goalies have the same gear expect that they are larger and more padded to protect goalies from shots, also their helmets are specially made so they absorb shots to the head, and their skates are padded at the toes. Also one of the gloves is like a baseball catchers mitt but more enclosed. Also everyone on the rink must use a mouthguard.

“When guys take liberties on such talent like Mikko -or anyone really- if anyone gets run over like that it’s tough to just stand there and watch.” Nathan Mackinnon, Denver Post.

Ice hockey is a very physical sport which involves pushing, checking, or fighting. Some players on the same team develop bonds with their line, line means the players that are on the ice at the same time, and if their teammate gets hit they often will step in and fight for their teammate. But some people fight because of their teams history with the other team and players infer that if there is a rivalry, then we must hate each other.

“The community is so nice and full of such good people.” said Cole McNamee.

You have 3 periods of play and each period is 20 minutes long.If the score is the same after the 3 periods you go into an overtime and the first person to score after the usual 10 minutes wins, if no one scores a goal after that time, you go into a shootout, which is you go 1 on 1 against the goalie and try having a higher goal score against the other team, after taking turns shooting on the goalie.

“Ninety percent of hockey is mental and the other half is physical.” Wayne Gretzky.

Also ice hockey is a winter olympic sport and certain countries winning can change people’s view point on the sport, an example of this is the Miracle on Ice because the, underdogs, US beat the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War, in 1980, and the two teams have been rivals for the past olympic games. With the United States won the game people who didn’t even know what hockey was celebrated and started enjoying the sport. “Great moments are born from great opportunities.” Herb Brooks, coach of the Miracle on Ice United States hockey team.

In Centennial you can play ice hockey at Family Sports Center where there are two rinks and this is also were the Colorado Avalanche practice.You can also create your own rink at home to play ice hockey. Also most hockey places have specific times where you can learn how to play hockey or ice skate.

Also in ice hockey there are 4 referees, two linesmen and two referees, they are in charge of making sure the players are safe and that the game isn’t dirty, or the players keep causing  penalties like tripping or a high stick. The referees overpower the players say on a penalty or goal and players can get frustrated after what the referees say about the call and they can hit their sticks against the boards or push, or check, other players.

Overall Ice hockey is a physical and a mental sport that challenges you to do your best.

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The Sport of Ice Hockey