Coors Field Review

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Coors Field Review

Kaden Entzi, Staff

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Coors Field was opened on April 26 1995 , ever since then it has been the home of the Colorado Rockies. It is located at 2100 Blake St,Denver, Co 80205. The occupancy at Coors Field is 50,398 people. All though Coors Field is mainly used for Baseball there are occasional concerts that occur either after a Rockies game or while the Rockies are playing in another state.

While going to a Rockies game you can enter the stadium 2 hours before game time. Every 1st Sunday home game of a new month is autograph Sunday, which is when a few Rockies players come out and sign autographs for 20-40 minutes. There is also an authentic shop where you can buy autographs from rockies players, game used baseballs, game used jerseys and even more.

At Coors Field there are a lot of food and drink options you can choose from. You can chose to eat a hot dog, hamburger, pizza, chicken sandwich, fish sandwich, ribs, pulled pork sandwich and many more things. There are also vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. For drinks you can chose soda, lemonade, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, water, etc.

There is also a shop at Coors Field called Diamond Dry Goods. In this store you can buy authentic replica jerseys, hats, sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts. There are also many kiosks that are spread around Coors Field which you can also buy the same stuff you see in the main store. The kiosks will just have a reduced selection on what you can buy. There is a kids shop were there are only kids items too. Diamond Dry Goods does have a kids section in the shop though.

There is also a children’s play area right next to the kids shop. There is also an interactive area where you can see how fast you throw a baseball and a batting cage where you can hit wiffle balls.

The Rockies also have giveaways where the give out free bobble heads, t-shirts, jerseys, etc. You do have to get the ball park early though because the usually only give it to the first 10,000-30,000 fans.

While at Coors Field when I was walking around the stadium I noticed that you can get a good view of the field from any where you sit. When I walked into the Diamond Dry Goods store there was not enough room for people to walk around. The size of the store should be expanded or they should have a second store in the park.


I also tried some food. The hot dog wasn’t over flowing with grease and with peppers, onions, ketchup, and mustard it had a very good flavor. I also tried a pulled pork sandwich which wasn’t very good. The pork was very dry there was barely any BBQ sauce and it tasted very bland. For a drink I tried Their Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. The lemonade was delicious it had the perfect amount of sour and sweet.

I would compare Coors Field to Petco Park in San Diego because the both have fan interactive areas. Coors Field has the batting cages while Petco Park has a miniature field where employees throw Wiffle balls to you and you can hit batting practice.

Overall I would recommend having a hot dog and a lemonade to snack on during a game. I would also recommend going to Coors Field.