Track Season Preview

Chloe Savacool, Staff

From April 16th to May 18th, the track season will be going on. The coaches for this season are Loni Clifford, Brent Sheffield, Will Knight, Mike Lechuga, Jeff Maupin, and Brad Waldrip. The season will consist of 6 games with 3 of those games will be at Sierra, one of those games will be the district meet at Echo Park Stadium, and one will be the triathlon. Members started off the season with a meeting on Wednesday, April 18 to talk about the upcoming season.

The games will be on April 24 (home), April 26 (home), May 3 (Cresthill), May 8 (triathlon), May 14 (home), and May 18 (Echo Park Stadium). All of the games will begin at 3:45 and the ending times will differ depending on the amount of students participating in each event.

Students on the track team will meet every day after school from 2:45 to 4:45 where they will practice their chosen activity in field or track. Some of the activities include long jump, 50 yard sprint, and a mile run. The first game will be Sierra vs. Mesa on Tuesday, April 24 at Sierra.