8/30 8th Grade Volleyball A/B Teams against Mesa

Brenda Gonzales, Staff

On August 30, the  8th grade volleyball A and B teams played against Mesa. Both A and B teams played at home. The 8th grade volleyball team B final scores were 25-23, 15-25, and 15-13. The A team has the final scores of 12-25 and 15-25. In the end, both team ended up losing.

“B team, fought hard. Won in three sets. But, had too many missed serves. They need to work on footwork for passing and hitting. A team, did not have a good evening. Had way too many miss-hits. Mesa figured out our weak spots and used it to their advantage.” Michelle Ahrens said.

“I feel like I played great, my serves were great and lasers. My team kinda feel apart and we were not communicating and people were forgetting what we practiced. It was a close game, we would have played better if we were to communicate. I think we did the best, almost all of our serves were killer. And the other team was worrying about were that had had to be instead of the ball when they were receiving,” Soph Rodriguez from B team said.

“I feel that I played my best. It may not have been my best game. But I tried to focus and not to let the score get to me. I know that my team could’ve done much better. We had a rough start, and that affected us mentally. We are a better team than what we showed. It wasn’t a huge challenge going against our rival. It didn’t get to my head though. I don’t really know who did the best. Nobody played their best, and I feel we all did about the same,” Lea Holman from A team said.

The next game for A/B teams will be on  September Thursday, 6 and will be away.