Volleyball Match August 28th

Becca Lewis, Staff

Tuesday, August 28th there was a home game for both Sierra Middle C teams.  While the C teams are playing home games A and B teams played away games at Ranch View Middle School.   The C teams lost their games and the A and B teams won their games.  The final score of the A team game was 15-8 B teams score was 15-12, C team whites score was 14-16, and lastly, C team blue’s score was 15-25.

“We battled until the end.  We were able to identify some of their mistakes and make changes.” Michelle Ahrens said.

Some highlights of the C team games were when there were about 4 people who served 5 times in a row. As for the A and B teams highlights of their games include,  understanding the 4-2 offense and remembering to get back to base positions, and setting to various hitters.

” I think I did really well, we just need to practice passing and serving.” C team white player Madison Snoddy said.

Overall the game was very exciting according to Trista Lamberty,  C team white player.