7th Grade Girls C Team Volleyball

Emma Galesic, Editor


A seventh-grade girls C team volleyball game against Sagewood occurred on Monday, September 30. It was a home game that resulted in a win for Sierra. The final scores were 24 to 21.


At the beginning of the game Sierra was behind Sagewood, but that soon turned around and Sierra was ahead by three points. The team showed improvement when surveying in the second half of the game. Number 3, Bailey McClurg, made the first scoring serve that seemed to give hope to the other teammates to push harder for the rest of the game.


“They still need to work on their serves, getting the ball over the net, and not letting the ball just drop to the floor,” Stephanie Meurer said. 


Their leading score was almost lost during the middle of the game when the teams were tied 17 to 17. Many of Sierra’s scores that were done later in the game was because of  #1, Lynnzy Tomasky, but that also boosted the performance of some other teammates.


Meurer said that they did really well, but they had a few struggles with communication but were a lot more comfortable with the court.