7th B team Volleyball vs. Mountain Ridge


Emma Galesic

Number 15 serving against Mountain ridge in the beginning of the game and scoring for her team.

Emma Galesic, Editor


Seventh grade girls volleyball game against Mountain Ridge (MRMS) on October 21 resulted with Sierra (SMS) taking the victory. It was a short game with a final score of 23 to 11 with Sierra holding the winning score. SMS was ahead for the entire game leaving MRMS behind. And by the end of the first half of the game SMS was already double the score of MRMS.

“I think they put their hearts into the game and played hard.” said Brad Waldrip, SMS B team’s coach. They stayed into it for the whole game.

In the beginning of the game Sierra took the early lead, scoring almost six or more times in a row before MRMS could catch up. Soon MRMS started to score but SMS was still ahead by nearly eight to ten points. From then on both of the teams scored more consistently until they neared the end of the game and MRMS started to slack off.

Waldrip also said that they greatly improved on the fundamentals of the game including their passing, setting and hitting. One thing they have to work on is their communication to their teammates and going after the ball.

The next game occurred on Wednesday, October 23 against Cimmaron. But the next upcoming games will be the district games but there are not yet any dates set in stone.