8th Grade Boys C Team Basketball


Number 33 defending MMS player 12 who is about to pass SMS 33.

Emma Galesic, Editor

The eighth grade boys basketball C team game on Tuesday, February 25th resulted in a win for Sierra. The final score was 33 to 13 and SMS had four fowls and MMS had three.

“We fouled a lot in that game, and I have been telling them to do less of that,” said Kelly Swiryn, one of the C team coaches.

Towards the beginning of the game SMS got an early lead when number 15 from MMS fell and Aidan stole the ball. The teams were hustling to each side of the court shooting baskets, but mainly missing. By the end of the second quarter SMS was in the lead 9-6. 

“We are actually running our plays that we have been working on all season, so now that it is the end of the season, they are really showing that they know how to play basketball. We are doing our positions correctly and learning how to run our plays, and, overall, just doing what we practiced,” Swiryn said.

Player number 26 from MMS had the ball and lost it to SMS. There was a lot of defense and that is where some fouls started coming in. Players from both teams were wrapping their arms around each other from behind trying to steal the ball, which is not allowed.

“We missed some lay ups that we should be getting, we weren’t getting as many rebounds as I was hoping, so we will be seeing if we can do less of those and not get as many fouls,” coach Swiryn said.

Defense coming from players 13 and 14 from Mesa is preventing Sierra from making any baskets. Although the players are missing quite a bit of shots, SMS is following through in their rebounds trying to get another chance to make the basket.