Cross Country Meet 9/28

Madelyn Crosby, Editor


On September 28, Sierra Middle School cross country runners raced against Rocky Heights Middle School. The races started at 4:00 p.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. The runners ran a mile and a half.


The girls raced at Sierra Middle School and the boys raced at Rocky Heights Middle School. Lacey Jablonski and Sarah Graves both had the best times out of the Sierra Middle School girl racers. 


Covid-19 precautions also impacted the races. Racers were asked to wear their masks and social distance when the warmed up for their races. They were allowed to take them off as they raced. Spectators were also asked to wear masks.  


Sierra’s Cross Country season ended on October 3. Five Sierra runners from each age group and gender competed at districts to finish off the season.  


“My favorite part of cross country was the races and meeting new people. My cross country team even came together at the end and worked as a team,” Molly Weber, an 8th grade cross country runner, said. 

The 7th grade girls getting ready to start their race. (Madelyn Crosby)
A Sierra runner getting ready to cross the finish line. (Madelyn Crosby)
One of Sierra Middle Schools runners participating in a race. (Madelyn Crosby)