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Alison Carrico Profile

Avery Shankles, Staff

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Name: Alison Carrico

Grade: Seventh grade/telluride

What do you do when not in school?

“I really like to cook.”

What do you cook?

“Mostly pasta, but I bake sometimes too. Things like brownies and cookies.”

When did you start?

“I started cooking about a year ago.”

Did someone teach you?

“My dad kind of taught me.”

How “kind of?”

“I learned a couple of things from him and he also gave me tips on how to cook certain things. I can mostly cook on my own now.”

How often do you cook?

“Very often, actually. Almost everyday, and mostly for dinner.”

Are you planning on being a chef when you’re older?

“I still don’t know.”

What other jobs are you considering?

“I’m also considering engineering.”

What makes you want to do that?

“I mean, not to sound like I’m not humble, but my math smarts mostly.”

Are those the only two jobs you are considering?

“Yes, for now that’s all I really want do. I might change my mind.”

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Alison Carrico Profile