UV Rays Lab

Victoria Dojaquez, Staff

Team Castle Peak did a lab on 1/29 and 1/30. It was a lab to test UV rays and do experiments with UV sensitive beads. Students got to chose what experiment they conducted. 

The students were given options of experiments or they could make their own. Every project had to use UV beads. Students were given the beads, a petri dish, sunscreen, and cling wrap. Although they could come up with a experiment with different items and a different purpose then the ones provided.

“ I did the sunscreen with the UV beads and the petri dish” Gabe Didier said.

Kids had to learn UV rays and what stops it. Castle peak and other teams did a unit on the different rays and their effects and how they affect humans.In Williams class kids usually have the option to pick their own lab partners. Students got to be in groups of 2-3 a with people of their choosings. Kids like it better when they get the option of choosing their partner cause they don’t have to worry about being with people they don’t like.

“When putting colors over UV beads it affects the way UV gets to the beads” Kayla Woods said, after doing an experiment which tested which colors affected UV.

Kids got to use UV lights and UV sensitive beads. It was a cool and fun experiment according to Castle Peaks science teacher Forest Williams. This experiment directly tied into Colorado states standards and gave students the chance to explore the topic in a fun way.



Victoria Dojaquez