The Band and Choir Tent

Nicholas Mennenoh, Staff

When most students showed up Monday/Tuesday morning they saw a big white tent. What people don’t know is that this tent is supposed to be for the choir and band classes.

They need this tent because, with the global pandemic also known as the Covid-19 Pandemic, the instruments could be blowing out the virus. When the choir sings, the singers could be carrying the virus and be blowing it out through their mask. This tent is also outside and is larger than the classrooms so this means if the virus is blown out the air will have it circulate out and around the tent not person to person.

“The tent is not bad. I kind of like it. This tent is supposed to be used until instrument covers arrive hopefully in October,” Scarlett Hum said.

If you went and looked inside the tent you would see different chairs and if were during the school day you could see students playing instruments and singing.

The tent is going to be the classroom for the students and when the tent comes down the instrument cover should be there or the pandemic may have slowed down enough to the point that we will not have to social distance and not have masks.